The LMP3 class was launched in 2015 by Automobile Club de l’Ouest (ACO). 2020 marked the introduction of the second generation of LMP3 car. Four chassis manufacturers offer homologated LMP3 cars for the class: Ligier, Duqueine Engineering, Ginetta and Adess.

The LMP3 class in detail:

  • Oreca is the exclusive drivetrain supplier (engine, transmission and electronics)
  • The cars for the homologation period 2020 to 2025 are an evolution of the existing cars. An upgrade kit has been defined for the period from 2020, which includes safety, performance and design.
  • Since 2020, a standard new, naturally aspirated V8 engine from Nissan (type VK56) has been used in the LMP3 class. The engine generates 455 hp.
  • For the chassis of the second generation of car, a number of safety-related changes were made to the driver’s headrest structure and seat. Zylon side parts were also introduced.
  • The cars have traction control.

LMP3 technical specifications:

  • Minimum weight: 950 kg
  • Fuel tank capacity: 100 litres
  • Engine: Nissan VK56
  • Transmission: max. 6 speeds + reverse
  • Brakes: Steel brake disks / maximum diameter 355.6 mm
  • Total length: 4650 mm (including rear wing)
  • Total width: 800 mm and 1900 mm min.
  • Wheels and tyres: Max. width 13“ / Max. diameter 28“