New Driver Line Ups Allowed  

News | February 23, 2023

New Driver Line Ups Allowed

Creventic and ADAC have made minor changes to the regulations for the 2023 season of the Prototype Cup Germany. While the race format remains unchanged, Gold drivers are permitted for the first time in season two. The teams will also go head to head in a new Team competition. 

As of 2023, professional drivers with the FIA’s Gold classification will also line up in the Prototype Cup Germany. However, Gold drivers may only contest Prototype Cup Germany races alongside a Bronze driver. They are not permitted to start together with a Silver driver or on their own without a second driver. As in 2022, the stationary times during the mandatory pit stop and driver changeover will be based on the make-up of the driver pairings. Individual starters must also make a pit stop and accept a longer stationary time. The system of different length of pit stops is used to balance out the varying performance levels of the different driver line-ups.

A Team competition has also been launched for 2023. As such, the Prototype Cup Germany now has four different classifications: the overall championship, which includes every driver; a Junior classification for all those born in 1998 or later; a Trophy competition for all Bronze drivers, and the new Team competition, towards which the results of each team’s best car count.

The race weekend format remains unchanged. It starts with at least two free practice session, each lasting at least 30 minutes. A separate 15-minute qualifying session is held for each race. If a car is shared by two drivers, each driver must be at the wheel for one qualifying session. Race weekends will again feature two races in 2023, with each race lasting 55 minutes and including a mandatory pit stop, which must be taken during a time frame yet to be defined. The registration period for the 2023 Prototype Cup Germany is now open, meaning applications can be submitted.

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